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Welcome to the Homepage of Descendants from the Families Touwslager of Groningen ,Mekke of Germany,Verroen of Rotterdam,Van Willigen of Vlaardingen,Moucheron of France,Vettenwinkel of Overijssel,Jouderville of Leiden.I have been researching my roots for more then 10 years now .Where the family Touwslager came from originally is not known to me at this moment. there are however several possibilities,the profession of my ancestors was bargeman and they are traders from the province Groningen in Holland (mostly Amsterdam )in peat,first by sailing and later motorized boats.On the way they gived notice of birth in several places, it was very difficult to locate some birth-certificates,however it's done.The first document was found in Groningen,a marriage certificate dated 1775.Later we found several documents ,title-deeds of houses or ships in beautiful handwriting,further investigation is needed.

One of the most famous ancestors of me is the family the Moucheron ,a generation of knights and a special one of them, Balthazar the Moucheron wrote a very important part of the trade history in the Netherlands,he was one of the founders of the multinational at that time, the VOC. (see below)

Also famous where the painters Frederik the Moucheron and his son Isaac ,both gifted artist and all over the world well known ,many paintings are present in galleries ,for example




    De Moucheron



Raoul the Moucheron son of Anselme the Moskeron he was Sir the Moucheron and Basancy and General of the King of France, he lived in1214 in Valois, Picardie, in the north of France. In 1159 he and other Knighthoods named to Cambray by Kortrijk. The documents founded it stated, he and Philips the 2nd participated in the famous battle of Bouvianes, by Doornik in Flanders. He married with Raynette the Proisy.

His son was, Tristan the 1st of Moucheron, captain of de guard  of Castle Danmartin, he lived in 1261. He married with Clemence the Morlaie, daughter of Sir the Morlaie.


Richard the 1st of Moucheron, Sir the Moucheron and Basancy.

He married with Gillaise du Pontremy. Her Parents are Eucharist Sir Du Pontremy and Gillaise the Meulon. After the dead of his wife, he became a Priest in the religious orde of St Benoist.

Tristan the 2nd of Moucheron, Sir the Moucheron and Basancy.

He was taken prisoner in Flanders during the time of Philips the 6th of Valois, King of France, in the battle of Kassel in 1329 in the war against Edward the 3rd of England.

He married with Ivonette the Belois

Jean the Moucheron, Sir the Basancy, Nobleman.

He sold the grounds of the Basancy to pay the ransom money to release his father who was a prisoner of the Flanders. Philips the 6th advise him in 1341, to go and see the Earl of Flanders to negotiate his release.He belonged to the patrons of Princes Yolanda of Flanders [1326-1395] who owned different country estates in Flanders, Barrois and Perche. After the sale of the country estate Basancy he settled in Corby close by Verneuil in Perche. He married twice, first wife was Marquerite the Origny, second wife Renfroye the Monferain.

Richard the 2nd the Moucheron Sir the Corbier.The same as his father he was follower of Princes Yolanda of Flanders Married in1391 with Iolente the Pressency Lady the Cuure [=Cuvray].

Michel the Moucheron Sir the Boulay, Moucheron, Corbaire and Cuure. Lived in 1435, King Charles the 7th called all knighthoods from the estates of Valois together, at the audit office of Paris, present was Michel the Moucheron. Married possible in1418 with Marie du Four.

Etienne the Moucheron Sir the Cuvray, later Sir du Boulay.

He married in 1445 with Robine du Boulay. Etienne the Moucheron died violent in 1493.

Richard the 3rd of Moucheron Sir du Boulay, Sir the Freton.

Married in1475 with Jeanne the Milon the Chastillon, he died the same year as his father in1493.

Jean the Milon the Chastillon was the daughter of Louis the Chastillon, Knight Sir d’Erville et the la Malaise: Capitaine du Chateau the Pauve in 1452 and daughter of Agnes the Fontaine. She was married before with Messire Oliver the Sanche,Knight.

Jean the 2nd of Moucheron Sir the Boulay, Moucheron, Corbin and Cuvray.

He married in 1505 with Marquerite the Couvres of France, she was the daughter of Sir the Cottes lez Bethune of Artois. Jean died in 1543 and his wife died in 1532.


Pierre the Moucheron Sir du Boulay, born in 1508 at Boissy le sec.He served the king as a shield-bearer from 1530 till 1531 He left Boisy le sec [close by Verneul] for Middelburg. In 1545 he became deputy of Worms, he also was a merchant and ship owner. He moved from.He build a house on Amman street with his Coat of Arms on the front of the house. Became in 1546 Governor of Alost, those times the capital of Flanders. He payed in 1557 different ransoms money for Huguenots. He married in 1534 in Middelburg the only daughter of Anthonie the Gerbier, Isabeau. Anthonie lived in Middelburg a big house on the Lange Delft, the back of the property came out on the Nieuw Havendijk. The Gerbier was a wholesale merchant and after his death Pierre took over his business. In het National Museum of Amsterdam you can see a painting of Pierre, his wife and their twenty childeren.








Balthazar son of Pierre the  Moucheron  ,was one of the founders of the VOC and financed the expedition in 1584, under Captain Adriaen Creyt and Melchior the Moucheron, through the expedition they established a settlement on the mouth of the Dwina, by the archangel Michael sacred monanstry, later due to the growth of the trade, it became the city Archangel, with the common markt and emporium it was very important for the trade handle on the White sea. Mathias son of Balthazar the Moucheron sailed frequent in 1641 with ships from den Briel to Archangel, later he became Mayor of den Briel.

In 1646 he was named by the corporation as delegate to the Dutch audit-office.

Peter the Moucheron born in Middelburg in 1535, till the surrender of Antwerpen he took care of his fathers business there. From 1560 - 1561 he owned a scarletweaving-mill outside Antwerpen that was rented out. In 1558 he became postmaster in Amsterdam. He was the owner of 120 ton ship, the La Bonne Ezpirence. Was a advisor to the Embassy in London in 1589, a Belgium ship inspector. He settled first in Arnemuiden and later in Veere. He was married three times, first marriage to Maria Ariaans, the second one to Beatrix von Bercheim and third marriage with Catharine Le Gillon, all three marriages took place in Antwerpen. He had only childeren from the third marriage.

His son Balthazar the Moucheron was born in 1587 in Arnemuiden.

He was a secretary and charge d’affaires in Moscow for the Duke of Holstein. He was a painter, only pen-drawings are still to be found in the National Museum in Brussel, collectie the Grez. He established in Emden and his name can be found in the tax registration of Aurich for 1630..He married on 21-4-1619 with Cornelia von Brouckhoven and lived in Amsterdam on the Keizersgracht Cornelia came possible from Antwerpen. Balthazar died in Moscow.

His son Frederik the Moucheron was born in 1633 in Emden.

A well know painter, student of J.Asselijn. In 1655 he went to Paris for three years, then he moved to Antwerpen and later to Amsterdam, were he married the daughter of painter Isaac the Jouderville, who was a student of Rembrand and that reflect in his paintings.

Frederik died in 1686 in Amsterdam and is buried in the Leidse cemetry in Amsterdam. He had 11 childeren. His paintings can be found in different museums througout Europe:

National museum of Amsterdam, Brunswyk, Brussel, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, denHague,

Rotterdam [Boymans van Beuningen], Schwering, Stockholm, Wenen, Kassel, Kopenhagen, Leningrad, London, Paris [Louvre], and murals in Amsterdam in a house on the Keizersgracht.

Fine Arts Mussseums of San Fransisco.

Historic Building Amsterdam Bartolottie Home with painted wallpaper by the Moucheron.

Other Historic buildings with painted wallpaper can be found in Amsterdam

From his son Isack there are also paintings in some of the above named museums and you can find paintings in the Young Museum in San Francisco, further also murals painted in different houses in Amsterdam.


Isaac de Jouderville the father-in-law from Frederik the Moucheron was also a famous painter,his name is spelled differently in various documents and publications.Extreme variations can be found such as Jodderuyle,Joderviel ,Siouderville,Souderville,Sieurdeville,Tsioddervijle,Zouderville or De Joudreville.Isaac de Jouderville was among the first of Rembrandt,s few Leiden pupils.He derived his surname from his father,who came from the French city of Metz and was also named Isaac.He had gone to Leiden as a soldier,where he later ran an inn called " het Schilt van Vrankrijk" ( the Frenche shield ).Isaack parents both died in 1629,at which time their son was already apprenticed to Rembrandt.Since Isaac had become a orphan and was placed under guardianship ,written declarations had to be made concerning responsibility for the child.They include several receipts written out by Rembrandt,in wich he declares that Isaac Jouderville was his pupil.Thus he was the first pupil in Rembrands Academy.In 1636 Isaac married marie LeFevre in Leiden and established himself there as an independent painter. The last document indicating that Jouderville was still alive dates from 1645.His widow remarried in 1648,thus Jouderville must have died between 1645 and 1648.His daugther Maria Magdalena married Frederik the Moucheron,his son Isaac the Moucheron was named after his grandfather


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